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Image of the actual shed itself

The Shed Songs

March 2018

Although I've still been knocking out songs on other topics, as well as getting out the Bills album, Tony of Tobias came up with an idea - to write a song about the shed which we practise in. This led to a flurry of songwriting and we produced 17 songs (and a few tunes) between us in a few weeks, before we ran out of steam. We started work on doing an album of them, but then, after a few months, I got my second wind when I realised that "going international" opened up a lot of new possibilities and again, in a few weeks my 17 new shed songs, when added to the earlier lot, made 34.

So watch this space for the outcome - it may even be a double album!

Cover graphics of the

'BILLS' album now online for free download

January 2018

New album 'Bills' is now available for free download, and you can access it via the Bills page, where you can also read about this set of 12 new (and predominantly comic) songs, which includes 'Bill the Quill' and 'Mary Ann's Teapot'.

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