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Lol singing in The Bakers ArmsLol singing in The Baker's Arms

Some links you may find useful:

The Young'uns, the Hartlepool/Stockton folk trio who, with the Wilson Family from Billingham, give the area a reputation for fine harmony singing. Both the Young'uns and the Wilsons are connected with the Hartlepool Folk Festival, originally held in the historic part of Hartlepool where Lol was born.

Coope, Boyes and Simpson, another fine harmony group, from the Yorkshire/Derbyshire area, have for 20 years featured songs about the First World War. Their "In Flanders Fields" double album comprises no less than 50 songs, many of them from a hundred years ago.

The Red Lion in Chipping Campden, the pub which for the last couple of years has hosted the monthly folk session Lol has been attending for more than thirty years.

The Baker's Arms in Broad Campden, former venue of the aforementioned monthly folk night, it still has regular acoustic music nights at which Lol performs.

The Fleece in Bretforton, the wonderfully quaint thatched Worcestershire pub, owned by the National Trust, and a thriving haven of folk music.

The Mudcat Cafe, the awesome folk music resource. Not the prettiest website, but if you want to know anything about any folk song, that's the first place to look.

Town of Hartlepool, one of several websites showing photographs of Hartlepool as you know it, or as you knew it ...or your parents ... or your grandparents ... or...

The Heugh Gun Battery, the historic military installation, now a museum, which heroically defended Hartlepool during the German naval bombardment of December 16th, 1914.

Monkey Business, the fanzine of the English soccer club Hartlepool United FC, to which Lol has been contributing articles, cartoons and graphics for more than fifteen years, and which he has occasionally edited.

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